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Family of the late Madam Liew Kon Yin

From son:
My mother passed away end October 2021 after staying in Bellevue for more than 3 years. As we cannot travel back to Malaysia from overseas, Angela gracefully took over the responsibility and handled the funeral on our behalf. A million thanks to Angela. During my Mother’s stay, she was well taken care of and have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas and Chinese new year in Bellevue. The staff even celebrated her birthdays and she had the opportunity to sing her favourite karaoke songs from Teresa Teng. Once again, thank you to Angela and her dedicated team.

From daughter:
I am deeply grateful and appreciative of Angela for her time and efforts towards handling my mother's funeral including scattering of her ashes while both my brother and I were unable to travel back to Malaysia from overseas due to the covid pandemic. Angela went over and above her official duties as General Manager of Bellevue nursing home.  A big thank you again to Angela and her fabulous staff for all they had done for my mother during her stay at Bellevue.


Arrived: 13/2/2012
Left peacefully: 4/10/2019

Dear staff of Bellevue,

We arrived at Bellevue Residentail Homecare as clients but left as one big family.

Thank you Dr. Teh and Angela for keeping things on an even keel through our stormy weather. The staff, past and present, have been exemplary, always maintaining a professional outlook that never wavered. Due to their diligence we had the opportunity to spend quality time with our mother.

Thank you for being there when we needed support.  We could not have done it on our own.  We will always be grateful and appreciative of that.  

Last but not least, Norlin, Maryann and Paul, a bright star is shining down on you tonight. Thank you Bellevue for listening, we worked as a team.

Best Wishes to all.
Anne, Marie, Anna and Elsie.


Dear Dr Teh,

We, the family members of Wong Heng Whye (checked in 29/3/14, checked out peacefully 11/12/15), take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Bellevue for taking good care of our father.

This is a feedback from the family who appreciate the good service provided by the staff. We visit our father twice a week so we are able to assess the conditions of the Home, the services provided and the staff attitude.

First of all, in our opinion every organisation needs a good leader. This we give full support to the General Manager Angela Chan. She runs the Home professionally and is able to communicate with her staff excellently. As such she is able to attain the respect and loyalty of her staff. During our father's stay there, we have never heard her raise her voice to any staff. No shouting! Moreover, she has trained her staff well – in communicative skills. All staff greet families/friends who visit any resident at the Home with smiles and greetings. They are always attentive when we approach them on caring for our father. They are polite and will follow our instructions.

During our father's stay, there were many staff who attended him. They took good care of him. So they deserve our big thank you.

Mary Ann

General workers:
Min Thien


Additionally, we wish to highlight that my father grew closer to these staff:-

Mary Ann – He associated well with her because she was the nurse who waitlisted him and then got him into the Home. She gave him lots of encouragement and made him feel he was not in the midst of strangers. When he was admitted he was well enough to talk to Mary Ann about his life. Presumably he identified Mary Ann as a family member when we were not there.

Jessie – HJessie managed to entice him to chat. When my father found out that he shared the same hobby – exercise – body building, he looked forward each day to talk to Jessie. Jessie brought a lot of 'excitement' to him, always patiently talking to him on his favourite topics or TV shows. Jessie would tease him and he would laugh.

Vicky – Vicky would make an effort to ask him if food was OK and showed concern if on certain days he ate less. She knew what he liked to eat. Even though her duty is managing the kitchen, she made the extra effort to make my father's stay a pleasant one.

Angela has a very good team. She is managing the Home very efficiently and professionally.

To ANgela, Mary Ann, Jessie and Vicky – A VERY VERY BIG EXTRA THANK YOU.

Last but not least, we thank you for setting up such a well organised Home.

Kamal Abdullah
Nurain Abdullah
Sheila Wong

Rebecca Chai-Peka (New Zealand)

To the management and staffs of Bellevue Residential Homecare

Please accept my sincere thanks and gratefulness for the impeccable care you showed to my dad, Chai Ngan and  to some of the carers who took their time to talk & joke with dad so he would not be no so lonely. It gave me a great peace of mind knowing that  my dad was so well cared for and comfortable at all time.

Thank you all for being such a caring, helpful and gentle people.

Cynthia (resident)

"I came to Bellevue in 2011, on my birthday, 24th August. To me, that was one of the best birthday presents I have received so far.
Upon arrival at Bellevue, I was greeted by pleasant and friendly staff. They immediately made me feel completely at home and welcome. My personal belongings were marked with my name and neatly arranged into my lockers.
My first dinner at Bellevue was most delicious. One huge chicken drumstick cooked with oyster sauce, stir-fried cauliflower, carrots and broccolli, rice and soup. Every dinner (and every meal) at Bellevue has been equally healthy, tasty and nutritious ever since then, thanks to our chefs Vicky and William.
All the staff here are genuinely warm, kind, caring and helpful. I was admitted to PPUM recently and staff from Bellevue came to visit me at PPUM everyday. They brought food and fruit juices for me. Angela, Bellevue's manageress, has been extremely kind and helpful to me. Not to mention Sister Lee and Dr. Teh.
Bellevue is spacious, airy and clean at all times. I would say that compared to the previous nursing homes I have been to, Bellevue is one of the best. One can rest assured that their loved one will be well taken care of.
I am very happy here at Bellevue. I would not mind staying here for the rest of my life." 

Angela Yong

It has since been three years that my beloved mum has passed on. She was one of the residents of the Bellevue Residential Homecare for four years. She was fondly known as CFC (the  initials of her name). 

Before admission into Bellevue my sister and I (still to date fondly known to the staff as CFC anak!) did our homework; we visited several nursing homes as my mum expected special care and found Bellevue to be suitable. The nursing home was airy, open and well lit unlike several which we found very eerie!

To date credit must be accorded to the chefs who give the patients very delicious food. When my mum was around I too would want to dig into the fried chicken which was delicious. The food menu varied from day to day and depending on the needs of the patients the food was served adequately. Whoever resided there was never short of food – they were served five times a day. Special mention is in order for the chefs. I have personally observed that even though for e.g. if the lunch menu for that day was chee cheong fun and which my mum disliked, chef Ms. Vicky would ensure that she had some other noodles and not have the food she didn't like.  That demonstrated the concern of the staff for their patients.

During my mum's stay at Bellevue we had certain nicknames for the staff which they never minded as they knew my mum was not in her proper state of mind. For example Gideon was called Fat, Ms Chew was known as Mrs Chew while Jimmy was fondly known as Brother. He is still called that today.

They showed love towards my mum. We had great times then when my mum was in better condition. We had board games e.g. lotto, and card games. Outings were not forgotten. Take a look at the photo album at the gallery especially Ms. Angela Chan who showed my mum great love. She knew my mum like chow keow teow and whenever possible my mum would be rewarded that by her personally. Snacks were never short too.

On a volunteer basis we would organize trips to KFC and A&W to celebrate some of the residents' birthdays.

Cleanliness has always been shown. Despite my mum not being able to move didn't mean she should be deprived of being fresh. My mum would be showeredand groomed daily. Whenever we visit one would notice my mum fresh as a freshly bloomed flower. The staff would even apply lipstick for my mum because when my mum was alive she always loved to be pretty. Should any of the patients require hair-cuts there is a in house hair dresser too. One of the staff would offer their services. My mum even had painted finger and toe nails all thanks to our beautiful manageress. Anything to keep the patients happy.

It's sad to recollect all the good times that I personally had with the patients and staff of Bellevue and I definitely have no qualms of even staying there one day when I am old.

Thumbs up to Bellevue. May the present patients stay be as warm and happy as for my mum.

Teh family

Just a note of appreciation and grateful thanks for the ongoing care of my father at Bellevue. Dr Teh, Angela Chan, Sister Lee & staff have been compassionate, wonderful, cheerful and patient in their exceptional care of my father.

What a great bunch you are!

Kim & Albert Thong

My 94 year-old mother-in-law is now staying in Bellevue since April, 2013. My husband and I visited her at the home recently and are happy to see her looking well. The staff is friendly and cheerful. We will be going back to Australia soon feeling confident that my mother-in-law will be in good hands. We love Angela, the manager of Bellevue, and all the staff who are working here. We have since recommended this home to our friends.