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Family of Wong Heng Whye

Dear Dr Teh,

We, the family members of Wong Heng Whye (checked in 29/3/14, checked out peacefully 11/12/15), take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Bellevue for taking good care of our father.

This is a feedback from the family who appreciate the good service provided by the staff. We visit our father twice a week so we are able to assess the conditions of the Home, the services provided and the staff attitude.

First of all, in our opinion every organisation needs a good leader. This we give full support to the General Manager Angela Chan. She runs the Home professionally and is able to communicate with her staff excellently. As such she is able to attain the respect and loyalty of her staff. During our father's stay there, we have never heard her raise her voice to any staff. No shouting! Moreover, she has trained her staff well – in communicative skills. All staff greet families/friends who visit any resident at the Home with smiles and greetings. They are always attentive when we approach them on caring for our father. They are polite and will follow our instructions.

During our father's stay, there were many staff who attended him. They took good care of him. So they deserve our big thank you.

Mary Ann

General workers:
Min Thien


Additionally, we wish to highlight that my father grew closer to these staff:-

Mary Ann – He associated well with her because she was the nurse who waitlisted him and then got him into the Home. She gave him lots of encouragement and made him feel he was not in the midst of strangers. When he was admitted he was well enough to talk to Mary Ann about his life. Presumably he identified Mary Ann as a family member when we were not there.

Jessie – HJessie managed to entice him to chat. When my father found out that he shared the same hobby – exercise – body building, he looked forward each day to talk to Jessie. Jessie brought a lot of 'excitement' to him, always patiently talking to him on his favourite topics or TV shows. Jessie would tease him and he would laugh.

Vicky – Vicky would make an effort to ask him if food was OK and showed concern if on certain days he ate less. She knew what he liked to eat. Even though her duty is managing the kitchen, she made the extra effort to make my father's stay a pleasant one.

Angela has a very good team. She is managing the Home very efficiently and professionally.

To ANgela, Mary Ann, Jessie and Vicky – A VERY VERY BIG EXTRA THANK YOU.

Last but not least, we thank you for setting up such a well organised Home.

Kamal Abdullah
Nurain Abdullah
Sheila Wong