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Anne, Marie, Anna and Elsie

Arrived: 13/2/2012
Left peacefully: 4/10/2019

Dear staff of Bellevue,

We arrived at Bellevue Residentail Homecare as clients but left as one big family.

Thank you Dr. Teh and Angela for keeping things on an even keel through our stormy weather. The staff, past and present, have been exemplary, always maintaining a professional outlook that never wavered. Due to their diligence we had the opportunity to spend quality time with our mother.

Thank you for being there when we needed support.  We could not have done it on our own.  We will always be grateful and appreciative of that.  

Last but not least, Norlin, Maryann and Paul, a bright star is shining down on you tonight. Thank you Bellevue for listening, we worked as a team.

Best Wishes to all.
Anne, Marie, Anna and Elsie.